Last week rolled out it’s latest site redesign. For the record, I think it’s an improvement, much easier to navigate than the old site (which I hated), and I find the video integration into the articles rather slick. My biggest quibble is that header, it’s a little overwhelming. And it got me wondering…is bright red really the only thing we’re using for news sites nowadays? Take a look…

The Daily Beast

(A few noticeable exceptions to this rash of red…,, and – which is, surprisingly, predominantly blue.)


New favicon for Google

January 9, 2009

google favicon

Just noticed google’s rocking a new favicon. What do you think? I like it better than the blue “g” they had in the most recent redesign (it always seemed off balance somehow) and throwing the “g” off center adds more interest…I like the way it’s interacting with the corners.

I think I like it. For what it is. If you want to read about their process, head over to the google blog.