Anthropologie, again

August 29, 2009

Anthropologie adorableness

Well, I have been neglecting this little area of the internet lately. Since starting a tumblr, I’ve been trying to relegate my, “This is cool!” posts to over there, and more Substantial Thoughts On Design™ to over here. And I guess I haven’t had the time lately to have many of those. (I’m working on it!)

But I’m going to bring these over here, as I’m amazed at the level of customer engagement and attention to detail in the brand, in these Anthropologie birthday coupons. When I found this in my mail, a pretty standard “Save 15% the month of your birthday” offer, it really did almost feel like getting a birthday card in the mail. Clearly, I’m already susceptible to everything Anthropologie (except the prices), but this is just an innovative twist on the traditional coupon. And I’m having a hard time saying anything more substantial than “Look how cute!”


look, buttons!


New favicon for Google

January 9, 2009

google favicon

Just noticed google’s rocking a new favicon. What do you think? I like it better than the blue “g” they had in the most recent redesign (it always seemed off balance somehow) and throwing the “g” off center adds more interest…I like the way it’s interacting with the corners.

I think I like it. For what it is. If you want to read about their process, head over to the google blog.