The Ministry of Type

March 17, 2009

There are several design blogs that I try to keep up with to keep inspirational juices flowing, and keep up with the latest design trends. One of my favorites is The Ministry of Type, by English designer Aegir Hallmundur. Not only because the site itself gorgeously designed, he has this compulsion with tracing everything, which I love. It’s the design/illustration equivalent of taking something apart to see how it works, and it’s something I feel like I should do more of every once in a while. You can look at all the inspirational images in the world, but in taking them apart you’re going figure them out so much better.

Some of his retracing inspiration (but visit the site, they look better in context):

the fox



Most everybody I know who does interesting creative work…went through a period of years…where they could tell what they were making wasn’t what they wanted it to be. Everybody goes through that…The most important thing you can do is do a lot of work…and eventually [the work] you do will live up to your ambitions.

It’s also a bit reassuring that Peabody Award winning Ira Glass has that “like, you know” filler word speaking quirk that I just can’t seem to shake. It is possible to say “like” too often and still be well respected!

the combinations rule

May 24, 2008

via acejet170

I love this. This is essentially what I love about design, the constant search to learn more about everything, and be able to combine and create something that communicates in a clear and interesting way.

I wonder if I’ll ever be satisfied enough with the amount of stuff I know (about everything) to be satisfied about the combinations I create. Somehow, I don’t think so. And I think I like it that way.