October 24, 2008

used books

This has been posted a few times around the interwebs, but I’m having such fun with it that I had to give it some love here. Poladroid is a free application that you “Download…Drag and drop your pictures…then Wait… wait…. wait again… or shake the picture,” and you end up with your own high-res digital polaroids.

While I’ve seen photoshop actions that will turn you pictures into polaroids, the fun of this is the is the simple UI: just drag and drop, then wait for your photos to develop. Like a real polaroid, the fun is in your lack of control.

(A screenshot. A side note, that is my awesome Mad Men inspired desktop background, which you can find here.)

New versions are in the works, with more options, and the ability to do more than 10 poladroids at a time, as well as a PC version. Check it out! (At your own risk…I lost productivity pretty much all of yesterday because of this.)