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The MCA Chicago has got some great new graphics on their front steps for the summer. It looks fab, and if you’re in the area you should swing by! (Free Admission Thursday nights!)

*Bonus, look for my photo (the above) on the museum’s facebook page as well as some of their other promotional materials for the summer.


upside down landscapes

It’s getting to that point in the winter when all you want is spring. The hint of a sunny day sends everyone outside, though there’s not all that much to look at yet. I headed out the other day with my camera, and ended up with this series, which I’m looking forward to exploring further. More on my flickr.

upside down landscapes

upside down landscapes


January 9, 2009


I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration through photography lately, and I thought it’d be nice to pull together some of my favorites here. I’m not the most technical photographer in the world, and while I’d like to be, I like the way that now I can go out and sort of lose myself in the composition, without overthinking anything, or really thinking much at all. For me, photography’s always been more of an instinct. I’d love to step that up to the next level eventually. But I enjoy the photos that I take, and that’s what matters to me at the moment.

I have the link to my flickr over in the sidebar, but if my “photographic ramblings” interest you at all I home you check more out here.


blue & gold

beach fences


“I have this fear that we aren’t feeling enough as a culture…we’ve lost our sense of outrage, our anger and our grief about what’s going on in our culture…What I’m trying to do with my work is to take these numbers from the raw language of data, and translate them into a more universal visual language that can be felt…My belief is If we can feel these issues more deeply, then they will matter more to us than they do now. And if we can find that then we will be able to find with in us what we need to find to face the big question…

How do we change?”

Chris Jordan

If you’re unfamiliar with Chris Jordan’s photography, definitely check out more at


June 13, 2008

Is it terribly cliché of me to want a Holga? I’m falling madly in love with imagery like this…

from the breathtakingly talented microabi on flickr.

Yeondoo Jung translates children’s images to photographs. Love it!

via swissmiss