Perspctv: Political Infographics

September 29, 2008

I’m fascinated by infographic design. Perspctv is a constantly updating site that charts news, blog, and twitter mentions of McCain and Obama as we approach the election.

This project presents different perspectives in our world, including that of Mainstream media and user-generated content on the Internet. Explore the similarities and the disparities, hear the many voices that have emerged and choose which view, if any, makes the most sense to you. What we think vs. what they say we think — All the chatter on the Internet, all the traditional news media coverage, and all the pollsters — Perspctv brings it all together in a simple and elegant manner — and gives a unique “dashboard” picture of the elections at any one given moment in time, totally un-biased.

It’s an elegant site, and definitely an interesting look, regardless of your politics.


One Response to “Perspctv: Political Infographics”

  1. sm00gle Says:

    Hi Beth,
    Nice blog. I too am fascinated by infographics, but find myself having to take an even simpler approach to information. Drop by if you have a moment and tell me what you think…

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