Welcome to the new facebook…

September 20, 2008

Much has been said about the facebook redesign. Judging by the amount of “Bring Back the Old Facebook” groups I’ve been invited to, it’s probably safe to say it’s not all that popular. Personally, I don’t mind it. Some of it works better, some of it worse, but whatever. For what I use it for, the new design works fine. (I don’t really have any need to have a “My Favorite Drinks ‘n Booze” box front and center on my profile.) Here’s the one thing I find most annoying about the new design:

Why do we need a “Home” link right next to the Facebook logo/Home link? Did people not get that clicking the logo takes you “home”? Isn’t that a fairly common internet standard? They even help you out by having a little house appear on the rollover. Now we have two links in a row that do the exact same thing.

I’ve notice the new design still seems to be undergoing modification. I hope this is one of the things that is still under construction, for my own nitpicky sanity.


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