Right Brain Terrain: Alternative Motivational Posters

June 26, 2008

Considering that the above image has been gracing my desktop background for the past few months, I figure it would be good to give Right Brain Terrain some love. (Not that they necessarily need more love, as they certainly get plenty).

Full disclosure, I tend to be a complete sucker for a well done inspirational item. I love a good graduation speech (Most recently this surprisingly touching commencement address by Mike O’Malley, of GUTS fame. I know. But seriously. Read it. It’s good.)  One of my favorite albums right now is the new Weepies. So I’m a bit predisposed to like these. But I do so love them. If I didn’t have such a bad track record of getting posters and not hanging them up, these would definitely be adorning my walls. Maybe once I decide to stay in the same place longer than a year, they will.


One Response to “Right Brain Terrain: Alternative Motivational Posters”

  1. Vanessa Says:


    I just happened to go see your page on myspace and read that you have a blog here! I am so excited; I’ve only read this post so far, but I can’t wait to read the rest!!! Cool deal!


    I’m pretty bad at keeping in touch with people unless I have a regular way to contact them (though myspace and facebook don’t work for some reason… unless I subscribe to someone’s blog on myspace)

    I hope I can remember to visit Creative Faucet regularly to see your posts! 🙂

    I blog (more than) regularly at livejournal, but unfortunately a lot of the posts are locked and only able to be read by registered users on my friend’s lists. (They do have free accounts if you’re at all interested.)

    At any rate, it’s great to see a blog by one of my GD classmates! So inspiring. These images are amazing. I can’t wait to read more.

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