Ira Glass on being a creative person

May 29, 2008

Most everybody I know who does interesting creative work…went through a period of years…where they could tell what they were making wasn’t what they wanted it to be. Everybody goes through that…The most important thing you can do is do a lot of work…and eventually [the work] you do will live up to your ambitions.

It’s also a bit reassuring that Peabody Award winning Ira Glass has that “like, you know” filler word speaking quirk that I just can’t seem to shake. It is possible to say “like” too often and still be well respected!


One Response to “Ira Glass on being a creative person”

  1. Mary Wernet Says:

    I really enjoyed this clip! What great information and advice from someone who, like, knows what it takes…you know?

    Nice website too! This is my first visit and I wonder why I waited so long to see it. Nice job, Beth, nice job!

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